Despite growing up in the Bronx and being from New York City, Cardi B is a Boston Red Sox fan and is rooting for them to beat the Yankees this series in the ALDS. In a recent IG live post, presumably Monday night following Boston's 16-1 victory, Cardi again talked about her love for the Boston Red Sox, saying it’s in her blood and a family thing.

“If you know me for a long time you know I've always been a Red Sox fan. And Im from Highbridge. I literally live 9 blocks away from Yankee stadium. But you know my father he’s a Red Sox fan, my grandfather is Red Sox fan, it runs in my blood! It runs in my blood. Big Big Papi over here you heard?”

This isn’t the first time Cardi has voiced her fandom for the Red Sox however. Last year, Cardi first revealed that she was a Red Sox fan publicly while on The Breakfast Club, saying she likes the Dominican players on their team. “Im a Boston fan. Because thats where all the Dominicans is at. A lot of the Dominican players are on the Red Sox,” she said.

 Check out Cardi’s latest rant about her love for the Red Sox (below).