People often focus on the downsides of dating a celebrity, especially if you are already one yourself. There's the constant eye of the paparazzi looking over your shoulder, different acquaintances competing for 30 seconds of your time and, on top of all that, you've got the pressure to flaunt your riches and live the most luxurious type of life possible. However, that last one can also become an obvious perk and, in the case of Offset's birthday celebration, Cardi B pulled out all the stops to make sure her fiancee did just that.

TMZ reported that the "Bodak Yellow" star ponied up serious cash to score her boo an amazing gift for turning 26 - a Rolls-Royce Wraith! Bardi supposedly surprised him with the sports car on their way out of The MacArthur, which is located in downtown Los Angeles. Peep some video footage of the big reveal below.

You can tell just how overwhelmed the rapper is by his reaction: a quiet "love you" followed by a tight squeeze of a hug. He then proceeded to let you a pretty big holler in pure elation. The car, with a red-and-white body to go along with a white interior, is certainly a stunning piece of machinery. To top it all off, Cardi got him a matching watch as well, which was appropriately blinged out from top to bottom.

Sending our best birthday wishes out to Offset!