While Drake's been getting better and better with his subliminal shots over the years, there's a good chance he took some lessons from Jay-Z. Mind you, Jay doesn't need to hide his feelings behind cryptic lyrics but it always leads to good conversation. When 4:44 dropped, everyone involved in hip hop kept their ears open for every single word that came out of Jay-Z's mouth. The shots he threw at Kanye on "Kill Jay-Z" were clear as day but another line on "Moonlight" struck many as not only a shot at Yeezy but was also interpreted as a shot at Cam'ron too. 

On "Moonlight", Jay references Kanye's infamous Saint Pablo tour rant where he called him out. During the rant, Kanye said "I know you got killers please don't send 'em at my head, just call me. Talk to me like a man." Which ended up being flipped on "Moonlight" as "Look, I know killers, you know Killa huh?" It seems like many, including Cam'ron, took the line as a jab.

Cam'ron took to Instagram to share a little snippet of new music from a recent studio session. During the clip, he opens the verse with a reference to HOV's line. However, it doesn't end there. During "Moonlight" Jay-Z also tells rappers to "Stop walkin' around like you made Thriller" which Cam flips to "R.I.P Mike but I'm the real thriller." It may seem like a stretch considering Jay and Cam haven't really beefed in a while but many are speculating that it may be due to Kanye's alignment to Killa Cam, going as far as saying that he dresses up his daughter in a similar pink fur coat that Cam's been known for.

Both Jay and Cam scrapped their beef quite some time a go anyhow but Cam has never been shy to voice his opinions. Nonetheless, this song is hopefully going to land on Cam'Ron's next project. He's been teasing his new mixtape The Program but we still haven't received a release date for the project yet.

You could watch the full clip from Cam'ron's Instagram below: