The proverbial ball has been in Call of Duty’s court since the massive success of rival franchise Battlefield 1. Almost exactly six months after the latter’s release, Activision has announced Call of Duty: WWII with an explosive launch trailer. Watch it below.

The newest Call of Duty game follows their rival’s lead in heading back to the series’ initial setting of mid-20th century warfare. The trailer shows a few of the epic battles and explosive set pieces that players will encounter in the single player game, and the whole thing uses in-game footage which is quite promising. While Call of Duty has long hung its hat on addictive multiplayer, it isn’t even referenced in this trailer. The game’s release is still a while off, so there’s plenty of time for more information to be revealed.

Call of Duty: WWII is slated for release on November 3rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a pre-order available now that will include access to a private beta of the game.