Besides slaying a couple of features in the last few years, most notably his guest verse on "Look At Me Now", Busta has been relatively quiet in terms of solo material. The animated rapper who signed to Cash Money not too long ago, is planning his first project for the label, which he spoke about in his recent interview with Life + Times.

Busta spoke of the boom-bap music he grew up on, and how he's aiming to put a new spin on that style for the new record. “Primo production, Large Professor production, Q-tip production, that's the shit that I was bred on." He said, adding, "Eric “Vietnam” Sadler production, that bomb squad shit, that's what i was groomed on, so I always come back to that."

The Brooklyn spitter also spoke of boom bap's recent resurgence, and expressed his confidence in the upcoming album. “Not only is [Boom Bap] being embraced, but it's that shit that is really creating the shift in the climate again, it's refreshing, it's inspiring, it's exciting. I personally feel that this is the best album I've ever made in my life."

Aside from his new projects, Busta shared the story of one of his very first solo hits "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See", and how it contains a Diddy impression. "That's how come I did the first calm voice record in my whole career. We were listening to some music and I had the beat, and I played the beat, they lost they mind over the beat. Diddy and Tip was like, 'You need to calm down on these records because bitches don't want no "Rau Rau" witchu on every record. Chicks don't want to do that. You gotta do some shit that the chicks want to do,'" he recalled. "I wanted to make fun of Diddy on the song while I was doing my calm shit. That's why if you listen on the 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See' record, you hear, '97. Hot shit. Check it out.' All of that. 'Don't stop. Can't stop.' We was mocking Diddy."

Rhymes also shared thoughts on the current emcees he think will see the longevity that he has. “I would say Kendrick, Drake, maybe J. Cole, and you might be surprised by this but I'm actually a big Tyler, The Creator fan.”

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