Despite what Donald Trump says, coronavirus is actually still an issue. We've seen how it took a toll on our society for three months and now that places are opening back up, many have assumed it's back to business as usual. The numbers are still rising and in places like California, Texas, and Florida, the coronavirus numbers have set a new record for the largest number of cases in a single day.

Bob Levey/Getty Images 

People are still denying coronavirus exists but Bun B sent out a PSA to all of his friends and fans warning them about the seriousness of the virus. Taking to Instagram, he revealed that he was on his way to a march with Trae Tha Truth and Mysonne before getting the news that his son, who just welcomed a daughter into the world, just tested positive for coronavirus. With that in mind, he's telling all of his fans to take precaution because "it's real out here."

"So many people wanna say that COVID-19 is fake news. My son just tested positive. He has a 4-day-old baby that my wife and I have to go get and bring to our home. I was on my way to joint Trae Tha Truth and Mysonne at the Kentucky State Capitol. Had to turn around and head back home," he wrote. "Please stop playing with this virus y'all. I don't wanna lose my son, daughter in law, my newest granddaughter or any of my other grandchildren."