According to Fox News, Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, has reportedly relapsed. If you know anybody struggling with addiction, you know just how difficult it is to stay clean. There are demons inside of you that try and guide you toward making bad decisions and once you get sucked into that sphere of negativity, it can feel impossible to get out. We've heard stories from countless individuals about their own struggles with addiction and now, it would appear as though Brooke Mueller is using again after she was reportedly spotted carrying bags filled with drugs at a Rite-Aid.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

During a weekend trip to the Hamptons, Mueller reportedly appeared to be distraught at a pharmacy before begging somebody to help get her home. The stranger explained why he drove her back to her place. "We took her home because we thought she needed help," they said, according to Page Six. "But once we were in the house, she opened her bags and she had so many drugs it was like ‘Scarface.'"

Apparently, the actress had white powder around her nose and when she arrived home, she asked the men inside why they were being so boring, urging them to "come party." 

Mueller has struggled with her sobriety for years. Hopefully, she's able to remain on the right track.

Aspen Police Department via Getty Images