Brockhampton's made waves this year with their "Saturation" albums and making them one of the most talked about collectives of 2017. In the past few days, rumors were floating about the third installment of the series and a speculated release date. While they hinted that it would be dropping today, clearly that wasn't the case. Today, they've finally revealed the release date to the project.

On Brockhampton's Twitter, the collective finally announced the release date for Saturation III which will officially be arriving on December 15th. While there's excitement surrounding the fact we'll get yet another project from the collective, there was a questionable aspect about the announcement. Along with the release date, it also said in smaller font, "The Last Studio Album From Brockhampton." Which left many worried that the American boyband will disband.

However, Kevin Abstract later posted a screenshot from the Brockhampton group chat they have where JOBA asked what it meant in a joking manner. So who knows what it actually means but we're being optimistic that they're not breaking up.

With Saturation III around the corner, it means they'll have a whole new project worth of material to bring on the road with them. At the tail end of October, they announced the "Love Your Parents" tour dates which will span from mid-January to early March. The tour kicks off on January 16th in Dallas, Texas before closing out on March 7th in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll hit most major metropolitan cities including two dates at New York City's Irving Plaza. 

Check the announcements and tweets below: