Bow Wow, who's been rapping since age five, is ready for a new stage in his career. Now 28, the rapper just announced his departure from Cash Money Records, to which he signed over five years ago. He posted the video announcement to his Facebook, and he was quick to clarify: "This is a peaceful situation." 

Bow Wow maintains there is no bad blood between him, Cash Money, or Birdman, who he took the time to thank for signing him in the first place. During his tenure at Cash Money, Bow Wow didn't put out a single album, and though he says the split was amicable, it's clear the label was hindering his productivity. 

"I wanna dictate when my music comes out. I'm tired of going to the studio to make records and then I listen to them. 'Cuz they get old... I just can't be held up by nobody. It's as simple as that." 

After his departure, the rapper says he's now his own boss, though he plans on working closely with Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri, the rapper and producer responsible for kickstarting his childhood career. "Now that I have both of them in cahoots with each other, this is only gonna make my new situation even more monumental." 

He ends by confirming that a new Dupri-produced single is on the way. 

Is Bow Wow poised for a comeback? 

Watch his announcement below.