DaniLeigh is having a pretty great year so far. A singer, rapper, and dancer, she's already found success through choreography and collaborations but she's been revving up to drop off her debut LP on Def Jam. Though she's extremely talented, she does have the looks to match. And evidently, that has also garnered a lot of attention, specifically from Bow Wow and singer Sammie.

Possibly in response to the rumors of her apparent relationship with DaBaby, DaniLeigh detailed just how much of a down chick she is on Twitter over the weekend. Describing "perfection," she listed off all the reasons why she's a great significant other.

"I’m the best gf. I’m loyal, loving , motivating , a woman of God, a family girl, a freak, a woman of God, I’m funny, I’m jiggy, hardworking , I ain’t boring , bitchhh I’m perfect," she wrote.

It didn't take long for Bow Wow to chime in and reveal that he's just about ready to put a ring on it. "I know i said id never get married. But let me tell you... a woman like this!!! BOY ill call my jeweler so FAST ...," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Sammie reposted a recent photo of Dani on the beach with the caption, "Dear: God - save her for me amen."

Check the posts out below.