Boonk Gang is a strange personality. Nobody really knows why he's "famous" but at this point, we've come to accept him as part of a meme culture where trolls get legitimate recognition. While he started as an IG troll, his antics quickly down-spiraled and now, his Instagram has been deleted and his clout diminished. In a video that's making the rounds, Boonk passed by No Jumper to have a chat with Adam22, notably a prominent personality in his own right, and things did not go as planned. In fact, as Boonk walks out, Adam reveals he had no clue what he was getting himself into and clearly, neither did we when we started watching.

From the jump, Boonk Gang is obviously messed up off of some concoction of drugs or alcohol. As he smokes during the interview, the man slurs his words all over the place and can barely get out a coherent sentence. Just a few weeks after he was posting his own sex tapes to his Instagram stories leading to his account's suspension, the entertainer is back in the headlines for his behavior during this interview. As many of us would be, Adam22 is visibly annoyed during the interview as speaking to a person that is blackout wasted can be a nuisance. After promoting his Twitter account (where he's admittedly been posting pornos) and an upcoming single, he stood up to take a photo with the interviewer, almost instantly passing out and hitting his face on the wall. Attempting to regain his composure, Boonk was seemingly about to puke numerous times during the interview and Adam was trying to keep him as far away as possible for that reason as they shot a quick selfie.

Continuing to turn heads, Boonk revealed he's been wasted for three weeks straight. Hopefully, his friends are taking care of him because this is not a good look at all.