Boonk Gang is infamous for his social media presence. The up and coming rapper and social media comedian creates some of the most ridiculous videos to gain views and followers, and it's been working for him. Most rappers in the industry ignore Boonk's antics, which have been so wild that he has alienated himself from his peers. Now, his Instagram has been deleted after posting NSFW videos.

Boonk Gang's IG was shut down on July 2nd after he posted videos of himself having sex on social media. Once the videos hit the web, Boonk became a trending topic and amassed over 5 million views on his video. After a good number of his fans reported him to IG, the video was removed, but that didn't stop Boonk Gang. He took to Twitter to announce his explicit sexual interactions would not stop, and he would be broadcasting at a different location. 

Although his IG has been suspended, it doesn't look like Boonk Gang will be stopping his NFSW social media posts anytime soon. His videos have yet to gain him the clout he's been looking for, but with this latest post, maybe Boonk will become a viral star.