ESPN's Booger McFarland called out "African-American players" during Monday Night Countdown for not caring about becoming better players and instead, worrying about their brand. 

Booger McFarlandJonathan Daniel / Getty Images

McFarland gave his questionable take in response to the news that The Washington Football team released Dwayne Haskins, Monday:

Often times young players, especially — I’m gonna go ahead — especially young African-American players, because they make up 70 percent of this league — they come into this league and ask themselves the wrong thing. They come into the league saying not ‘how can I be a better player?’ They don’t say ‘how can I be a better teammate?’ They don’t say ‘how can I be a better person; how can get my organization over the hump?

Here’s what they come in saying. They come in saying ‘how can I build my brand better? How can I build my social media following better? How can I work out on Instagram and show everybody that I’m ready to go, but when I get to the game, I don’t perform?

Haskins was drafted by the Football Team in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. While he's struggled during his first year on the field, his release is likely also attributed to that the fact that he was not drafted by head coach Ron Rivera, who joined the team in January 2020.