Ron Rivera has been one of the most respected coaches in the NFL over the past few years, and fans are always excited to see how he's going to help his team win. Unfortunately, his former Carolina Panthers fell into some injury problems over the last few seasons, which ultimately led to some lackluster results out on the field. The Panthers opted to fire Rivera after the 2019 campaign, and he immediately signed with the Washington Football Team, whom he has helped greatly with their rebranding.

Last night, Rivera shocked his team and the football world as he revealed that he was diagnosed with Squamous cell cancer of the neck. As reported by Adam Schefter, Rivera will not be leaving the team this season and has every intention of coaching the team all the way through. However, if an emergency happens, he will be ready with a replacement.

This is sad news for the head coach although it's clear he is ready to fight through this and make sure his team can go out and get the results they've been hoping for over the past few seasons.

With this new reality, the Washington Football Team will surely be looking to rally behind their head coach.