Things are not looking up for Bobby Shmurda and GS9. We already knew their arrest two nights ago at Quad Studios was "the result of a long-term investigation," according to a public official, and now Hot 97 is alleging that the police have found evidence that would substantiate NYPD's claims of "violent incidents as well as narcotics trafficking." According to an "inside source," officials found "$52,000 worth of crack (262 grams of crack), a pound of marijuana, $40K in cash, 3 hand guns, and a 1 AR-15 rifle."

Despite this, Shmurda's attorney, Howard Greenburg, claims that the rapper is innocent. "Does it make sense that he would resort to committing crimes when he has the world in the palm of his hand?", he said, "It's ridiculous."

Additional video of the whole GS9 crew being shuttled out of a police station has also surfaced. Watch that below.