In the wake of his first Breakfast Club appearance, the notorious Blueface found his business being openly discussed, with specific regards to his record contract. Certain reports, including this one from HipHopDX, indicated that Blueface actually had ties to several separate record labels: Cash Money West, Republic Records for distribution, and Universal Music Group by association. Blueface himself seemed to prefer an "ignorance is bliss" approach, which prompted the Breakfast Club hosts to implore him to do his due dilly. 

Keipher McKennie/Getty Images

Now, with talk of Blueface's contract situation reaching an all-time high, Cash Money West's own Wack 100 has issued a statement regarding the rapper's deal. "For the record, no artists on Cash Money West in a 360 deal," says West. "I won't even allow that shit, n***a. It's not going to happen...I got the blessing to continue a legacy based on something they built, cause they trust my hand and trust my judgmentt." 

"All Blueface gon' know is me, what the fu*k else he supposed to know?" asks Wack. "I'm the one paying his checks. I handle all his business. The fuck else he supposed to know. I do know this. The world gon' know who he is. We got a motherfuckin' machine behind us called Cash Money." Wack doubles down, claiming that BlueFace ain't signed to three different companies, asserting that anyone who believes such foolishness are deserving of the title of "stupid motherfuckas!"