Love him or hate him, Blueface seemed poised as one of 2019's biggest question marks. With a bizarre sense of humor, offbeat flow, and wacky charisma, the west coast rapper has managed to captivate an audience seeking the next big thing. He's already lined up several notable co-signs, from Drake, JID, Denzel Curry, YG, and more, and now, the blue-faced one has managed to secure a spot on The Breakfast Club. Though notable in its brevity, those seeking to familiarize themselves with Blueface would be wise to tune in.

As he tells it, the beginning stages of his career kicked off from an impromptu studio session, with the rest being history. Charlamagne inquires about the rapper's come up performing in high-school parking lots, prompting a chuckle from Blueface. Tales of his spontaneous shows, performed from atop his car roof have become the stuff of local legend; it also speaks to Blueface's young fanbase, who have come to catapult the rapper into new stages of fame. 

"Once I established a little buzz, I had this song called 'Dead Locs' that was starting to go a little viral," said Blueface. "I wanted to get out there and show my face. They know the song but they don't know what I looked like. I wanted to show them what I look like. I did that about three times, and each time I got ten thousand followers off that. The kids talkin' like 'mom Blueface came to my school!'" 

For more from the divisive rapper, be sure to check out the full interview above. Are you down for the Blueface movement?