The Portland Trail Blazers twitter account pulled a page right out of B-Rabbit's playbook last night, openly joking about themselves before the rest of the savages had a chance to roast them.

The Warriors blew out the Blazers in Portland last night, completing the sweep, but at least Blazer fans can walk away knowing their twitter account is among the best in the league. It's 2017, that's gotta count for something.

During the on-court ass-kicking, the Blazers' twitter provided such updates as, "Blazers 22, Warriors A Lot" and "Blazers 80, Warriors ENOUGH" while also wishing Chance The Rapper well on his upcoming show at Oracle Arena, which can now go on as planned since there won't be a Game 5.

Check out some of the Blazers twitter reactions to last night's season-ending loss.