Marvel's Black Panther makes its highly-anticipated debut on the silver screen this Friday after months of ceaseless hype from audiences looking forward to the first widely-released black superhero film. The production has been backed by Hollywood juggernaut Disney, which has given the film the proper funds to recreate Wakanda in a most realistic and technically-savvy manner.

Black Panther's massive budget has also enabled a chance opportunity for Marvel to collaborate with luxury carmaker Lexus on an exclusive LC 500 model for the film. The car is designed with afrofuturist design principles in mind, evident in its sleekness and rich attention to detail. 

This car also echoes the precedent set by the film's costume designer Ruth Carter, who worked with a team of highly-skilled individuals to help craft the unique garb worn by the characters within this latest Marvel production. Equal parts traditionalist with a tinge of futurism, the clothing, akin to the Lexus automobile, updates more traditional motifs for a modern demographic. 

Marvel and Lexus have also released a digital comic book titled Black Panther: Soul of a Machine, featuring the LC 500 model while also nodding to Lexus Takumi masters.