A new teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming CW series "Black Lightning," which gives quick insight into why the character assumes his role as the latest superhero evil has tried to reckon with. The clip opens with Cress Williams, the show's titular character, adorning himself in his superhero garb, which comes equipped with the ability to spew lightning from his forearms. As the short montage progresses, Williams' family is introduced, while a voiceover asks "do you know why you became Black Lightning?"

The narrator then goes on to claim how Black Lightning the superhero wanted to "have the evil out there something to fear," which perfectly sets up his intentions as the almighty purveyor of good in his city. Williams then announces with gusto "Black Lightning is back," essentially setting up the season's main narrative, which will focus on Williams returning to his superhero antics. 

This latest series with join the CW's roster of shows dedicated to superhuman activity, alongside ArrowThe FlashSupergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, the show's executive producer Salim Akli notes how "we want to have an authentic black voice and a show that deals with what I grew up with and what I know." Akli further reveals "I wanted to add something not only to black culture but to American culture that can’t be taken away."

The series is set to debut January 16.