Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Phor got the Maury treatment on the season finale of the tattoo industry reality show, as he revealed the results of his paternity test to determine whether he was the father of his former fling's teenage daughter, Iyanah. At the beginning of the season, viewers watched as a woman approached Phor about allegedly impregnating her sister when they hooked up around 2002. The woman sent Phor a DM claiming that he was the father of her 17-year-old niece, Iyanah, who had begun asking questions about who her dad was. Phor didn't flat out deny that he could be Iyanah's dad, but he did request that a paternity test be done to confirm. Now, after Phor previously met with the woman and Iyanah, the results are in.

It turns out that Phor is not Iyanah's father. Of course, the results are probably a disappointment to Iyanah and her mother, but they had fans beyond shook. While some were hardly surprised, others were simply disgusted that Iyanah had to be put through this whole ordeal on TV.