You might have had reason to be concerned for Blac Chyna, following her viral brawl at a Six Flags amusement park in which she wielded a baby stroller as a weapon. The aftermath of the incident has led to controversy, and a potential custody battle with Rob Kardashian over their child, Dream. Chyna, herself, doesn't seem too concerned about the whole incident, and neither is one of her sponsors, headphones company TUNES Audio.

TMZ reached out to an executive from TUNES Audio, John Chase, who ensured them that their deal with Chyna was going as strong as ever, even after her latest controversy.

According to Chase, Chyna has been a complete professional in their dealings, and they're completely committed to continuing to work with her.

This is excellent news for Chyna, as she recently found herself out of another potentially lucrative endorsement deal, in which she was going to design her own line of baby strollers with stroller brand Momiie. 

Chase tells TMZ that her business with TUNES Audio has been so good, that they'll be collaborating on a line of headphones marketed for children. This, plus a shout out from Step2, the brand of stroller that Chyna was seen swinging in the video, is a good sign that her brand hasn't been poisoned beyond repair. 

Despite her controversies, Blac Chyna is proving herself to be a survivor. Hopefully she manages to keep her name out of the headlines for long enough to ensure that any other deals she has don't fall through.