According to TMZ, a rival stroller company is reaping the benefits of Blac Chyna's outburst at Six Flags on Easter Sunday. You recall, Blac Chyna got into a dispute with an unidentified person, moving her to swing her child's pink stroller as an improvised weapon. Six Flags security intervened before things got to a fiery point, escorting both Chyna and Jane Doe to the parking lot.

The video which has since been viewed a million times over, has caused several unattached entities to get involved. One of which is Step2, a company that makes wagons, toys, strollers, etc, has publicly thanked Blac Chyna for her outburst. Step2 makes a stroller identical to the one used by Blac Chyna, a model manufactured by Momiie, a company who in turn withdrew their sponsorship deal with the model. Step2 feels the stroller incident at Six Flags harps on the durability of their product, driving home what they view as their main selling point.

There is no indication that Step2 is looking to step into the void created by Momiie withdrawal of sponsorship. In fact, a rep for Step2 has all but confirmed, they do condone Blac Chyna's behavior. The company, although quick to the draw, has yet to see a spike in sales for their Whisper Ride 2 Buggy stroller.