Well it looks like Blac Chyna has a new man in her life again. On Sunday night, TMZ caught the reality star out to dinner with a mystery man, who had quite the appetite on him.

The two were spotted in Woodland Hills, California at a restaurant, but after eating his entree, the man decided to get a taste of Blac Chyna’s toes for dessert. That’s not a joke either. The man was photographed sucking Blac Chyna’s toes right at the table in the middle of the restaurant, something that isn't very good etiquette one might say. There’s no word yet as for who this mystery man is yet, but he’s making quite the introduction for himself.

Blac Chyna was last linked to rapper Soulja Boy, who said he just “hit it and quit it,” but she said he was just being a clout chaser. Their were recent rumors that she might’ve been back hooking up with ex boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay too, but those were just apparently rumors.

Peep the rather gross photo of Chyna’s new man sucking her toes below (swipe right).

In other news, Blac Chyna is teasing a possible return to music after she had a “late studio session” last week. We’ll keep you posted if she drops anything new.