Blac Chyna's sex tape leaked a week ago and many critiqued her, and her bedroom skills, over the clip showing her performing oral sex on her ex-boyfriend Mechie. The actress and model has not been seen in public much since the leak as she is working with her lawyers to get directly to the source of who published the video. TMZ caught up with Chyna to ask her about how she's dealing with the world having seen her getting intimate on camera, as well as who she thinks may be responsible.

In response to who may have leaked the tape, Chyna considers that she is unsure of how anyone got their hands on the video, saying, "I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine," as she walks into a salon. The former stripper was on her way back to her car as the cameraman asked her if she believed there was any chance that a follow-up sex tape could be leaked, as a lookalike was featured in a longer video that was believed to feature Chyna. Her response was swift, claiming, "Ha, I doubt it" before driving off. 

The police are currently looking into the case in hopes to determine how the tape was leaked and who can be held responsible. Although Chyna does not suspect that another sex tape will see the light of day, she did not shoot the idea down completely, and the possibility is still out there for those wishing to have seen more.