She may not be linked to the Kardashians anymore by way of her relationship with Rob but it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with Blac Chyna. The actress had her sex tape leaked earlier this year and has been a hot topic since then with many following her every move. Chyna started dating YBN Almighty Jay shortly after the sex tape leak, which was heavily critiqued because of their age difference. Then, Swae Lee got broken up with because of his reported cheating with Blac Chyna, which again was criticized for obvious reasons. Although her press has been mostly negative for the last while, she appears to be in good spirits throughout.

One thing is for sure, new boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay has to be enjoying all the media exposure he's been getting. At one time somebody that only a select number of hip-hop fans were familiar with, Jay has graced headlines left and right because of his association with Chyna. Although Swae Lee has gone on record speaking about the incident with the former stripper, the couple is not letting it affect them. Chyna was spotted around Beverly Hills with her favorite teenaged lover earlier as the two are still going strong. Chyna and Jay were leaving an L.A. restaurant when the paparazzi snapped a few shots of them. The rapper rode shotgun in Chyna's Bentley as they drove off.

Do you think their pairing will last or are they nearing the end of their relationship? Check out the pictures here.