The drama between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian appears to be neverending. Considering they have a baby together, the possibility of them bickering until the end of time is actually real. Let's all hope that they settle down and decide to finally get along for our sake though. The most recent developments in Rob Kardashian's lawsuit against Blac Chyna stem from an incident that happened in 2016, around Christmas time. During the holidays, Rob says that his ex-girlfriend tried to strangle him with an iPhone charging cable, destroying some of his belongings in the process: a television, his cell phone, a door, and a gingerbread house. When it comes to the television, Chyna has reportedly agreed to reimburse her ex for the cost.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, Chyna is challenging the monetary amount that Rob has valued his belongings at. It is written in the legal paperwork: "Chyna will present evidence that the damaged gingerbread house was a gift to her from Kris Jenner and that Rob consented to the damage done to his t-shirt. Regarding the television set, Chyna has informed them that she will reimburse Rob for the cost to replace the television."

Chyna plans on proving that Rob consented to her damaging his t-shirt? That makes a lot of sense... What do you make of all this?