Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is claiming his instagram account was hacked after a wild post went up that expressed his love of weed and his hatred of Bills coach Rex Ryan.

"F*** the @Buffalobills I love weed. I Smoke it during the off season. F*** Rex Ryan your the worst coach the bills have ever had. @buffalobills f*** #buffalomafia I got paid and didn’t really play. F*** the @Nfl for accusing me and taking my money. F*** the fans and your kids. Kim f*** you dumb c***. @buffalobills I resign. I don’t wanna play no more. Thanks for the 60 mill #Forbes still. I’m with @gq" 

Dareus immediately took to another social media platform, twitter, to assure Bills Mafia that he was hacked and that his team was looking to resolve the situation. 

The former #3 overall pick has appeared in just two of Buffalo's games this season, due to a four-game suspension to start the year and another four games on the sidelines due to a hamstring injury as well as a groin issue.