It's safe to say that Billie Eilish has a unique sense of style, almost looking as though she'll put anything on that's five times too big with an eccentric pattern or has the face of a cartoon character she admires. In a recent interview with 2Day FM's Grant, Ed and Ash Show, the 17-year-old explained how she really isn't a fan of everything she gets sent as freebies. 

"Thing is I get like twelve pairs of shoes a week," she told the crew. While she added how it sounds very cool, she admitted that it's not always the case. "And a lot of them are fucking ugly. Honestly, half of it is amazing and I love it. But half I'm like sheesh."

Lester Cohen/Getty Images 

In other Billie news, the young music sensation had to send a PDA to fans after she got groped at a meet and greet. 

"Pls don't grab my boobs in the meet & greet," the singer wrote. "I think what happened last night was just an accident so I acted like I didn’t notice cuz I didn't wanna make her feel bad if she didn't mean to do it.. BUT IF THAT SHIT WAS FR IM GONNNNEEEEEEE. Please don't harass the girl. It was just an accident and not that big a deal. She was very very sweet.. I was just saying in GENERAL about certain things that I don't feel comfortable with. It's not a big deal."