As the re-trial of 80-year-old comedian Bill Cosby begins to come to a close, the Cosby legal team have just suffered quite a set back.

Cosby is on trial for the alleged drugging and sexual assault of numerous women throughout his career as an entertainer. The prosecution's main witness in the case is Andrea Constand, who alleges that Cosby came on to her, before giving her drugs and assaulting her. As such, Cosby's defense team has attempted to discredit her testimony in numerous ways. However, according to Vulture, the jury will not be allowed to hear a sealed deposition which would have disparaged Constand's reputation.

The deposition features a statement from a woman named Sheri Williams, who was reportedly a friend of Constand's. In it, Williams allegedly claims that Constand planned to extort Cosby for money by accusing him of sexual assault.

Judge Steven O'Neill, who is in charge of Cosby's trial, struck down the motion to unseal the deposition this morning, which means the jury will never be allowed to learn of its contents until after the trial is over. The defense has reportedly been searching for Williams to have her testify in person, but have had no such luck. 

The exact reason for Judge O'Neill's refusal to hear the testimony isn't mentioned, but it appears that there wont be much time for any new strategies, as closing statements are expected to begin as early as this afternoon, with the jury beginning deliberations some time in the very near future.