According to Bill Cosby's reps, he is being met with open arms by the prison population. Cosby is in day one of a 3 to 10-year jail sentence in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. The original idea was for Cosby to seek an immediate transfer, but upon meeting the COs and prison guards, the decision was overturned. It appears the prison staff at SCI Phoenix is very enamored with the idea of hanging out with the accused sex offender.

Publicist Andrew Wyatt shared several updates with TMZ, including a "touching" moment where prison guards gave Cosby a little extra time to wrap up his conversation with wife Camille, mostly because they were somewhat starstruck by his presence. One guard, in particular, became bashful when asked to retrieve Cosby's social insurance number. Mind you these are the words of a publicist, and his assistant.

Wyatt clearly has an agenda in speaking to the press, to paint his client as an amiable person innocent of the crimes to which he stands accused. First he leads in with a play-by-play account of his reception, then we hear of Cosby's first outgoing phone call, and before long the conversation towards a testament of racial and gender discriminatory injustice. For what it's worth, public perception won't change what really goes on within those walls, in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.