Bill Cosby isn't settling with the three to 10-year sentence he received after he was found guilty of drugging and raping Andrea Constand. The disgraced comedian's legal team recently filed legal documents against the trial judge for not granting him bail while waiting for his appeal and they claim the judge had a bias against the key defense witness in the case.

Bill Cosby's legal team is arguing that the judge in the sexual assault case had a personal vendetta against their client's key defense witness, TMZ reports. They accused Judge Steven O'Neill of holding a personal bias against Bruce Castor who was the former D.A. who investigated Cosby's sexual assault case in 2005. Castor allegedly told Cosby that he wouldn't be prosecuted in the Andrea Constand case if he gave a sworn deposition in her civil case.

Cosby's lawyer filed a statement from Castor who says he was treated with "with tremendous animosity from Judge O'Neill toward me from the moment that I took the stand."

Castor also claims that some of the tension between O'Neill and himself comes from their history over the years. Castor's stated in his declaration that things got dirty between the two after he ran against O'Neill for the Republican D.A. in 1998. He claims O'Neill was angry after rumors surfaced that the judge had an affair with another woman and felt like Castor was behind it.

Cosby's lawyers want him out of bail pending appeal.