Big Sean's been on a pretty solid streak throughout 2017. He dropped two separate albums and continuously delivered solid guest verses. While rappers continuously flex chains and cars they purchase, back in November, Sean copped himself a mansion in Beverly Hills for $8.7 million. The house itself is a pretty penny but what stood out the most is that it was previously owned by famed Guns & Roses guitarist, Slash. Rockstars, in comparison to your average rapper, are prone to having interesting paraphernalia and it seems that Big Sean wants to keep some of that aura in his newly purchased mansion.

Big Sean is looking to keep an interesting part of Slash's memorabilia in his new crib. TMZ caught up with Sean outside of LAX recently where they asked him what parts of the crib he's looking to keep in tact.

"I'mma definitely leave a couple [things]. It's too classic too take it all off," he said, "I'mma leave all the skulls in the recording studio."

It's a strange part to leave but it's Slash. His musical accomplishments are extensive and there's probably some sort of aura about those skulls that's worth keeping around. 

Sean's new home was initially on the market for $11M before he got it down to $8.7M. The mansion is 11 000 square feet and consists of seven bedrooms as well. The home's also has a pool as well as a volleyball court and the inside also has a stripper pole and a home theatre.