Big Sean gave back to his community in a big way this weekend. The rapper's Sean Anderson Foundation held a block party in Detroit that was free for all and full of activities for the whole family. Sean celebrated the success of the event on Instagram Sunday. "I just did one of the biggest boss up’s of my life!!!" he wrote. "My foundation @seanandersonorg threw a block party on what’s considered to be the most unsafe part of Detroit n it was only love! Families came thru n we had the best times. Hung out with a lot of people I grew up with n don’t always get a chance to just have fun n not think about anything else."

According to Sean, the event, deemed Don Weekend 2018, featured arts and crafts, massages, 2k tournaments, discussions, bouncy houses, marching bands, good food, face-painting and a Black Panther movie night. He also shared a gallery of photos from the weekend, which show him personally serving up food for attendees and giving what appears to be a speech at a barber shop.

Sean recently decided to opt out of touring to take some time to focus on himself, both personally and creatively. Clearly, he's in a good place, and according to an interview with Billboard, his music is too. "[My music is] the best it's ever sounded," he said. "I have been taking better care of myself and...not only am I bringing my best self to the music but I'm bringing my best self to the table, to my city, to my fans, to the people who are about me." 

Check out pictures from the Don Weekend event above.