A new G.O.O.D. Music single dropped yesterday, just before the MTV VMAs. "Clique" was highly anticipated, ever since the artwork was revealed on Kanye's website. The song did not disappoint, and spread like wildfire through the blogosphere.

Big Sean was lucky enough to be on the song with The Throne, aka Kanye West and Jay-Z. Sean Don spoke about the single in two recent interviews with Vibe and LA Leakers, and revealed how the collabo came about.

It turns out, it was originally a song just featuring Big Sean. However, when 'Ye and Hova heard an unfinished version of the Hit-Boy-produced cut, they had to jump on it, the result being "Clique."

Sean said, "It's crazy because I did the idea, and it was just me, and you know the hook. I didn't think he really liked it at first and then I left. And then a month or two later, I get a call like 'yeah, man I love this shit,' and then, later than that, I got a call from somebody else, like 'man, Jay on the song.' So I'm like, they probably about to take me off and shit, it's about to be Kanye and Jay-Z.  Of course, everybody had their input and did their parts, but through the end of it all, when it was all said and done, I got the call like, 'nah, it's you, Kanye and Jay-Z.'"

Big Sean was obviously happy with the song's result, and praised Kanye and Jay-Z as two of his idols and favorites.

Check out the new single here. Cruel Summer, the G.O.O.D. Music crew compilation album, is dropping September 18th.