Big Sean is gearing up for a new album, Hall Of Fame, scheduled to drop in late August. The rapper has been doing the promo early on, already dropping a few leaks in anticipation of the LP, and just this morning, hitting up The Breakfast Club. The rapper didn't focus completely on Hall Of Fame during the interview though, but he did discuss his boss aka Kanye West's new album, Yeezus, sharing his "honest opinion." He also spoke on Eminem praising him, and his relationship with Travi$ Scott (who was found to be dissing Big Sean back in the day in those infamous old tweets from rappers).

The interview kicked off with disucssion of Yeezus. Big Sean told the Breakfast crew, "The honest opinion is, look, I feel like 95% of artists and rappers these days, if you take away their music away, their album, you could find somebody that's damn near close to them. 'Alright, well he ain't here now, well I could probably listen to him and it'll be like okay, I get the same feeling.' You could take a Kanye West album away, and ain't no other rappers that sound like that, there ain't no othr music that sound like that."

Sean continued to give 'Ye props, before admitting it's not his personal favorite,"So first, you gotta just respect that. You gotta respect somebody pushing the envelope and being a rap album. As far as the album goes, it ain't my favorite Kanye West album, but I think it's fresh."

The G.O.O.D. rapper added, "I think it's an awesome album though...Late Registration was my favorite." 

Big Sean has spoken a lot on getting to hit the studio with Eminem, and the topic was once more broached during his interview. Sean revealed that he doesn't know where their track will end up, and he also says th Em praised his album.

"I dunno if it's gunna be on my album, I dunno if it's gunna be on whatever album, it might be for something we got planned later on," Big Sean said of the music they recorded together.

He continued, "I ended up playing my whole album, front-to-back, straight through, and he said, 'I haven't been this impressed in so long with someone's album, I knew you could rap,' he was like, 'you really gunna do something big with this.' So that was just an honor, coming from the D, that was the person that showed us that it was real, showed us you can be the biggest in the world from where we from."

As for Travi$ Scott, who happens to be his new labelmate, Big Sean says there is no bad blood despite the rapper's old tweets getting dug up. "It's crazy because we was in the studio with Travis about a week and a half ago, and he was listening to my album like, 'Yo big sean you might be the greatest rapper,' he was flipping out, but that just goes to show that opinions change. People be changing over time." He added, "That's my dog."

Watch the full interview with The Breakfast Club below. He speaks on working with Kanye on his new album, and getting advice album-wise from 'Ye.