Big Sean's sophomore effort, Hall Of Fame, is on the way, although delayed, Big Sean promises a strong project. The Detroit playa made his way to The Breakfast Club this morning, and chopped it up on Power 105 about the album delay, his fan-chosen hit "Mula," being from Detroit, and more.

Right off the bat Sean Don explains the album delay was completely his choice, simply because he was rushing things and he wanted more time to create something perfect. "I pushed it back just 'cause it wasn't all the way ready. I was rushing too much and putting too much pressure on myself. I was in the studio like 6 A.M. going right back at 1 P.M. I was missing out on life, I was missing out on my family. It's just too much. I spent a lot of time doing that goddamn mixtape and I already had a lot of the album, but this second album is so important, I was like I might as well take my time with it. And just the fact that I took my time, even in the last week, we came up with so many important concepts and things to add to it."

Some of these added concepts are things like skits, which Big Sean's debut album Finally Famous lacked, but now that Sean has more time to put into the album, he's able to create skits. This he cites as giving the album a classic feel. 

In addition, Big Sean spoke on one particular song off his Detroit mixtape, which got the attention of fans and was chosen by them mostly, so that it in turn became a huge hit. The G.O.O.D. rapper explains "Mula," featuring French Montana, almost didn't make the tape in the first place, "I feel like songs like 'Mula,' strong songs from the mixtape, they might carry on to the Deluxe version of the album. 'Cause them is like songs I really worked on and spent time on. I almost didn't put 'Mula' on the mixtape, not 'cause I was gunna put it on my album, but 'cause I wasn't gunna use it. 'Mula' was a song that people just singled out, it's not like I was tryna use it as a single at all. So then, originally when I was supposed to come out this year for my album, they was like 'yo, you gotta gett a single, you gotta get a single.' And Kanye was like 'you need to drop this song, this song live as hell.'"

As the conversation with The Breakfast Club continues, Big Sean also speaks on his limited edition Detroit-tribute shoe from adidas Originals, as well as a clothing line in the infant-stages. He also touches on Eminem asking him to come to his studio, which he says he plans to do once he gets back to the D (so let's hope a feature gets on Hall Of Fame).

Check out the full interview below.