Last Friday, Big Sean and Metro Boomin released their unexpected collaboration album Double Or Nothing. While many felt the idea was sound in theory, there were some who felt the execution fell flat, especially considering the considerable talents of both parties. Still, Double Or Nothing is projected to move between sixty and sixty-five thousand units in first-week sales, which is respectable to say the least. And if you're one of those who like to clown on Big Sean's bars, just remember, he's probably off somewhere in a bed with Jhené Aiko, with critics the furthest thing from his mind. Suffice it so say, both artists are standing by the project, and the pair recently hit up The Tonight Show for a performance.

Sean and Metro performed a medley of Double Or Nothing cuts, beginning with the Latin-infused rhythms of "Who's Stopping Me." Sean rocked the mic while Metro held it down behind the boards, chiming in with the occasional ad-lib; it's cool to see Metro in the literal spotlight, and it's a testament to the star-making year the young producer has had. Hopefully we can continue to see Metro growing into his own, and it would be interesting to see what he's capable of on a full-length studio album. 

It's a decent performance as far as Tonight Show outings go, but as usual, the audience are the epitome of dull; it wouldn't be surprising to hear some of them pronounce Metro Boomin' with a hard "g" at the end. Still, it's two of the game's most promising young artists on a massive worldwide platform, so you've gotta respect that.