At the wee hours of the morning, the world was graced with Metro Boomin and Big Sean's most recent effort, Double Or Nothing. The two gave fans about a week to prepare for the drop and built the hype up within that time. Since the album dropped this morning, they've revealed plans to do a mini-tour of sorts with free, surprise shows lined up. Now, fans can get more insight to the project's creation with a new video of both artists interviewing each other. 

After an interviewer was allegedly an hour late for an interview with Big Sean and Metro Boomin', both artists got tired of waiting and decided to interview each other on the projects inception. During the 11 minute clip, the two talk share some pretty interesting information pertaining to Double Or Nothing. The two of them speak on their respect for each other on a musical level. Metro believes that Big Sean is still underrated, despite his success.

"I feel like as a rapper, n*ggas be sleepin' on you," Metro told Sean, "I feel like on what you really be sayin', and how you be rappin' and the flows, n*ggas underestimate you in certain ways. And I feel like n*ggas do the exact same thing with me... I just feel like this album would be the perfect opportunity and platform to not even really shut it down, but just demand the respect."

Big Sean also reveals that working with Metro was a whole different vibe in comparison to working with other people in general. From the recording process to finding inspiration, Sean says Metro helped him find creativity in a new way.

"One of the things working with you I feel like on this was it taught me to just not think about this shit too much, like just go in," Sean said, "A lot of the times when we set the studio up, you would be making the beat and I had a mic right next to you... This is some of my best work, and I'm just speakin' on the musical side."

Sean later reveals that Metro brought him to "Magic City" strip club to find inspiration during a recording session.

During the conversation, they also reveal their favorite songs, their favorite features and go into even more detail about the recording process.

Watch the interview below: