When Kanye West began crusading to regain the ownership rights to his own master recordings, going so far as to propose the same for each one of his fellow artists, some were quick to raise an important question. As a label head himself, G.O.O.D Music to be specific, how did Yeezy's own issued contracts come to impact the artists on his roster? As it happens, that has since been revealed, and remedied, in Kanye's latest Twitter revelation. 

Big Sean Desiigner

Manny Carabel/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I’m giving all Good music artist back the 50% share I have of their masters," wrote Kanye, confirming as much on his favorite platform. Naturally, the news sent shockwaves across his timeline, and it didn't take long for Big Sean to catch wind of Kanye's generosity. Clearly grateful to receive complete control of his master recordings, Big Sean expressed as much with a simple yet effective "Thank you!!! This would help so much." It should be noted that Kanye has not elaborated on whether he intends to make any retroactive adjustments, or whether this new arrangement will be strictly in effect moving forward.


And while his own experience with G.O.O.D. hasn't always been smooth sailing, Desiigner also made sure to show his appreciation for Kanye with a simple "Thanks," alongside a few gratitude-depicting emojis. At this moment, they are the only G.O.O.D artists to have addressed Kanye's decision, and one has to wonder if this act will be the first domino to fall in a major, game-changing label upheaval. Is Kanye West's cause a righteous one?