Much has been made of the members of Outkast not appearing on any projects together of late, although Big Boi recently dropped a solo LP, and Andre 3000 continues to drop fantastic features for other artists.  In his exceptional verse off T.I.’s cut “Sorry”, Three Stacks apologizes to his Outkast partner, and now it appears Fat Sax will be adding verses to two of the biggest singles Andre appeared on this past year. 

Taking to Tumblr, Sir Lucious Left Foot teased fans with a notepad that had lyrics titled “Pink Matter”, hinting that he would be adding vocals to Frank Ocean’s track which featured Big Boi’s partner.  It was later confirmed that he would be adding a verse to Ocean’s standout tune from channel ORANGE.

Afterwards, the ATL rapper tweeted that he would be jumping on another big cut which featured his ATLien brethren, and will appear on the remix to Tip’s “Sorry”, which will be intriguing to see how Big Boi addresses the situation with him and Andre on wax. 

His partner has been focused more on ventures outside of music lately, only dropping the occasional feature, but with the disappointing sales of Daddy Fat Sax official sophomore solo album, it appears fans may be treated to a reunion of sorts of the Outkast duo sooner than later. 

[Via HHDX]