Arrow set up the CW and DC Comics to begin expanding their television universe. Although the timelines are a little confusing (somehow the much younger Supergirl is already a full-fledged hero while Batman is nowhere to be seen) the shows are entertaining. Several of Batman's enemies have also made their way into the Arrow-verse, making the absence of the Bat-Family even odder. The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be adding a new hero to their universe though that might finally help bridge the Bat gap. 

According to Variety The CW is developing a series based around Batwoman. The DC superhero was created as a love interest for Batman in the 50's to combat criticism that Bruce Wayne might be gay. The 50's were a strange time, and a book called Seduction of the Innocents by Dr. Fredrick Wertham slammed Batman for running around wearing tights with a little boy (Robin). Censorship in comics led to the toned down, cartoony, and "safe" Batman of the 60's (Adam West). Batwoman was erased from the comics decades later, only to be rebirthed in the early 2000's as a homosexual hero herself. Much like Batman, Batwoman is a wealthy crime fighter who chooses to use her money to build a crime-fighting empire. Although the series is only in development, it will most likely be picked up based on how strong the popularity is for the CW's DC Comics-based shows.