Regardless if there is a global pandemic or not, the auction block remains hot. In recent months we've learned of photos and notes from musicians and popular sports figures that have gone up for auction, and this time, a letter from former President Barack Obama to the late music icon B. B. King is up for sale. 

B.B. King, Obama
Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images

After blessing us with decades of music, B.B. King passed away in 2015. A month before he died, Obama sent King a heartfelt letter on official White House stationery. "I recently learned of the health challenges you've been facing, and I wanted to send my warmest wishes during this trying time," Obama penned in the opening of the letter.

According to TMZ, King faced a number of health issues brought on by diabetes and high blood pressure. "As the King of the Blues, you have made music that has changed our country and the world," Obama said. "For decades, your soaring sounds and extraordinary craftsmanship have touched our hearts, moved our souls, and lifted our spirits."

The outlet states that Sylvia Williams, King's granddaughter, received the letter from her mother. The music icon would later suffer strokes before passing away from vascular dementia. His daughters claimed that King's manager was abusing him, however, an autopsy didn't support their accusations. Meanwhile, Barack Obama's letter to B.B. King is expected to fetch $17,500.