Yesterday, Royce Da 5'9" unexpectedly kicked off the hype train for a new Bad Meets Evil album, encouraging his fans to flood Eminem's feeds with an abundance of "#BadMeetsEvil2" hashtags. Naturally, the process took little time to occur, and just like that, a 2019 wish was born. Now, Royce's brother Kid Vishis, whom fans likely recognize from Nickel's prolific mixtape run, has been doing his part to intensify the hype. The young rapper took to Twitter to pop off about the album, leaving many wondering whether he knows more than he's letting on.

Of course, Vish had to go and leave us blindsided with a possible bomb. "Kid Vishis, Horseshoegang, Crooked, and Kendrick," tweets Vish, alongside the BME hashtag. Naturally, many wondered whether the album was indeed on the way, with a few confirmed features on deck. Of course, it's possible that the rapper is merely trolling, though one has to wonder. Kamikaze found an Eminem renewed, doubling down on his admiration for the craft and those who helped pioneer hip-hop into what it is today. The idea of his tapping several lyricists for a Bad Meets Evil project is not entirely outside of the realm of possibility.

Vishis seems to be enjoying the process and likely stands united alongside all of us Bad Meets Evil fans. In truth, the project seems like a logical next step for both Em and Royce, who each dropped off excellent albums in 2018. Given that both Book Of Ryan and Kamikaze featured a Bad Meets Evil collaboration, one has to wonder if such tidings were indeed foreshadowing.