Odds are if you're an aspiring songwriter, a room with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds is right where you want to be. Now, the legendary producer and sognwriter is working to make that a reality for songwriters and producers lucky enough to gain entrance into his Discovery Song Camp. The camp is a venture set forth through Edmonds' Good Vibes Music Group publishing company. Crafted in partnership with music exec Jason Murray, the Good Vibes Music Group is using its songwriting camps in order to discover budding songwriters and producers.

Previously taking place at several of Spotify's Secret Genius Studio locations throughout the States, the camp will head to Canada for the first time in Toronto on September 24-26th.

Those selected to particpate will take part in writing, recording, and producing various pieces with special guest mentors. While Torono's mentors have not yet been announced, past mentors include the likes of James Fauntelroy, Luke Aird, and Ashley Gorley.

“A song comes from everywhere,” Edmonds told Billboardearlier in the year when discussing the new venture. “It’s just a little spark of an idea. It’s being able to recognize that and go for those moment when you have that. Ultimately, that’s what we’re looking do do.” 

“When we started this conversation, it started with mentorship,” Murray added. “But then, what is the end game? Where do we see ourselves going through this process? For us, it was building a team through the camp. Bringing people to L.A., sign them to a publishing deal. We’re starting without a franchise player, but we have an amazing coach.”

Those interested in Toronto's camp have through Sunday, September 2nd to  apply through Good Vibes Music.