Baby Yoda stans unite! On the season finale of the Star Wars series, The Mandalorianeveryone's favourite 50-year-old baby was met with violence by two now-scorned guest stars. Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally made an appearance in the episode, titled "Chapter 8: Redemption" and directed by Taika Waititi. The two of them play stormtroopers who must kidnap Baby Yoda and bring him to Moff Gideon, but Sudeikis' character gets a little impatient in the process. While waiting for authorization to carry on with their mission, Baby Yoda, whose real name has officially been deemed "The Child," becomes a distraction, and Sudeikis' character actually punches the little guy multiple times to try and keep him quiet. Pally's character ultimately checks on The Child to see if he's still alive since he hasn't made any movement, but seems underwhelmed when he opens the bag to find that the creature is indeed still breathing. Pally's character proceeds to poke him, asking "What is that?", which leads the baby to bite his captor's finger. Pally's character then takes a wack at The Child as well.

Viewers were upset with how their fave infant alien was treated by these two characters, and, of course, took to Twitter to express their feelings.

Don't lay a finger on their man.