Action Bronson and Azealia Banks went back-and-forth on Twitter a few months back, and despite making some crude remarks over something a fan said (he mistakenly assumed it was Azealia herself), Bronson failed to make a public apology, something Banks took him to task for.

Following Action's quick apology to Ghostface yesterday, Azealia has pointed out the contradiction in his behavior, writing (in a now deleted tweet) "remember when Action Bronson had all that mouth to insult me, but now that Ghostface pulled his card, he's mum?"

She went on to wish that Bronson "gets fucked up" (Ghostface has not accepted his apology), as well as sharing a very explicit fantasy about stabbing him in the gut.

Banks then talked about the deeper roots of her issues with Bronson. "I have lots of disdain towards the men who have threatened me with bodily harm publicly," she wrote, adding, "Of course, no one cares that I get spoken to in these ways because I am not a white woman...."

Check out her still published tweets below, and screencaps of the rest in the gallery above.