The Russo brothers are ready to deliver their fourth Marvel Studios movie. Joe and  Anthony first stunned the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they brought an epic rendition of Winter Soldier to theaters. From there, they directed the third Captain America film, Civil War, and the mega-hit Avengers: Infinity War. Now, they are preparing to bless the world with Endgame, and the talented directors sat down with Fox to discuss their time with Marvel, their future, and of course, the final showdown with Thanos. 

In the latest Endgame trailer, there is a moment where Captain America and Tony Stark meet up again for the first time since Civil War. Fox’s Kevin McCarthy asks the directors about this specific moment. “My favorite moment in the new trailer is Tony saying ‘Do you trust me?’ and Cap goes ‘I do,’” he began. “Like, to me, that could have been a moment where there could have been a joke or whatever, ‘cause they have that funny banter back and forth. But it was a beautiful moment because of the stakes of what’s happening. Just because that moment is out there and in the trailers, directing that scene, having those two, knowing what happened in Infinity War, knowing what happened with Thanos’s snap, what was it like to be behind the camera in that moment?” That's when the Russo brothers dropped the bomb. 

“So you know that we tell people that we manipulate trailers in order to obfuscate what happens in these films?” Joe Russo stated. “That actually is not in the movie.” Fans remember all too well the Infinity War trailer showing a big angry green Hulk rushing into battle in Wakanda, but in the movie, the green giant isn't actually present during that scene. The Russo brothers have admitted to doing CGI touchups to trailers in order to protect the plot, and this has led fans to lose trust in anything that happens in any trailers going forward. Many believe that the trailer actually shows future Tony Stark speaking with past Steve Rogers during the battle of New York (and that Cap's armor has been altered by CGI to hide that fact). For more on time travel theories, click here