"Imagine if, for the first time, our heroes all lost," begins Robert Downey Jr, kicking off Marvel's new Avengers: Endgame featurette. "Thanos had his way, and half of the population of the universe has gone." Beneath Downey Jr's words, footage of the climactic Infinity War battle sets the tone, forcing fans to relive the fates of Black Panther, Spider-Man, and more. Eventually, Chris Evans (who plays Captain America) tags in, doubling down on the heroes-have-fallen narrative. "It's kind of a losing battle," he admits, though his tone points to inevitable redemption. "We lost, and we're not used to losing."

"People are still coming to grips with it," says Chris Hemsworth, the man responsible for portraying Thor. It should be noted, it's unclear whether he's referring to in-universe characters, fans in real life, or both. Probably both. Scarlett Johanssen offers up a brief teaser of Black Widow's new direction, promising a "hardened" state for her character. It would appear that the Endgame moniker is proving accurate on a variety of levels, and it's likely that many of the living heroes will be six-feet-deep by the end of the film's gargantuan three-hour runtime. Check out the teaser above, and sound off - have you copped tickets to the dance yet?