Ever since Diddy announced that he'd be bringing back Making The Band, Aubrey O'Day has managed to catch another wave of relevance in the media. Although she's managed to score roles on reality television as most successful artists do, she's made headlines this past week after criticizing Diddy for revamping Making The Band. She claimed that he's the reason why the group ultimately disbanded but she's been met with criticism for her claims. Strangely enough, that hasn't been the craziest thing she's said this week. According to Page Six, she admitted that she's ready to have children but wants the baby daddy to be America's 44th president.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If Aubrey O'Day had her way, Barack Obama would be her sperm donor. She recently explained that her dream donor would be the former POTUS because he has all of the qualities a great woman deserves. “I would like to do a show about inseminating me with some brilliant man’s sperm so I can have a child,” she said. "Dream donor, Barack Obama... Because he’s brilliant, classy, kind, compassionate, witty, gorgeous. Everything that a great woman deserves, and that’s why he’s got a great woman.

Considering the type of men she's dated in the past, it makes sense why she'd want someone like Barack Obama as her sperm donor. But the chances of that happening are non-existant.